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Just finished a session with Brown Daryl, cannot recommend him highly enough, patient great coach.


He breaks the obstacles down. I am now doing some of the gap lines at the bull track. Making good progress. Happy days. Thanks again Daryl

Best 40th birthday present ever! 2 hour lesson with Brown Daryl at the Bull Track. I'm pretty new to this type of cycling ( I've been racing road bikes for years) I wanted to get an insight into how to ride single tracks and trails properly. Daryl is the perfect coach, he was able to tailor my session perfectly to what I needed and

had me flying down the tracks in next to know time. I have gained a new found confidence and have a far clearer understanding of what I was doing wrong and what I need to focus on now. I plan to incorporate further sessions with Daryl as I improve and need further guidance on what I need to do next.


I couldn't recommend a session with Daryl highly enough. He will make you a better and more knowledgable rider.



Thank you

I'm sure others have read the reviews on here of the coaching sessions with Brown Daryl and I'd like to add to the growing recommendations.


I've had 2 sessions now, 1 of which as a group of 4, and we've all taken away skills that will help us progress. Advice on bike set up, body positioning and choosing the best line, all given in a way which didn't overwhelm us and has given us plenty to practice on.

Just got home from a session with Brown Daryl. What a great session, been riding a long time. Bad habits are disappearing. Slowing down to go faster, weird concept but it works. Jumping and corners much better, backflips and manuals next Can't recommend him highly enough.

Thanks for your time Daryl.

Daryl is an amazing coach for many reasons. Above all, he is really encouraging and positive. He is happy to listen and adjust the training to your ability and goals. He is really patient, not at all patronising, just friendly, energetic and an incredible rider. He wants to see you improve and makes you feel that's possible every step of the way. You won't regret trying a coaching session

If you haven't done it already, make sure you book a MTB training session with Daryl Brown! It was a great experience being taught skills from the man himself! What I liked the most was Daryl's philosophy of steady progression, emphasising the importance of mastering the basics before hitting the big stuff. He establishes your ability at the start and tailors the session around how you can improve. I loved it and learnt a lot about the techniques you need for riding trails, berms and small jumps! Will definitely be booking another session soon, so instead of splashing the cash on the latest jersey, put your money into being trained by a pro rider! Thanks Daryl


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